First off thanks for being our friends, listeners, and supporters. We are so appreciative of you and your interest in what we are doing here.

When Amanda and I decided to start this podcast and email list thing, it came from a place of wanting a passion project. We both have careers in software and we are super thankful for those careers but something was just missing. We wanted a way to stay creative and inspired and if that wasn’t going to happen in our day jobs then we figured we’d create it. And then Creating Your Epic Life was born.

For us, the hope is that a community will be built around finding inspiration and positivity in everything. Every human has a story. Our goal is to spend an hour with people of all walks of life, and just chat (usually with some canned wine or cider). So far, every episode has gone to a level deeper than we thought and we’ve left feeling incredibly inspired and even a little shocked by how intense the conversation got.

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Have a great weekend and stay epic!