Friends, friends, and more friends please!

Hi Epic friends!

I’m going to take you on a journey back, waaaayyyy back to your childhood when you felt the world was full of possibilities and life could be anything you wanted it to be.  My goal throughout this endeavor will be to impart what I have learned and am still learning about bringing that feeling back and making that belief a reality NOW, in the present!  Won’t that be awesome!?!?  The possibilities are endless!

Think about when you were young and the thing you looked forward to the most.  Was it school?  Sports?  Clubs?  Ice cream?  Hanging out at home playing?  No matter what it was, I would bet the farm the real reason you were excited was because of your friends who were going to be there with you.  As we grow up, we lose sight of the importance of friendships and start focusing inward on our career, our family, our house, our own lives.  I found this happening to me in my late twenties and didn’t even realize it was making me unhappy.

So, a man walks into a bar… stop me if you’ve heard this one… I was sitting in a bar with a friend of a friend and in walked some friends of hers (you could totally play a drinking game with the word friend right now).  They all said hi and the friends said they had just come from practice which I thought was weird because they were both in their 30’s.  I asked what they had been practicing and they said roller derby.  My jaw dropped and I may have squealed a little.  I said I had grown up playing ice hockey and had wanted to play roller derby for a few years but thought I wasn’t big enough and didn’t know there was a team in town.  The woman immediately grabbed her phone and asked for my number then said I would be starting next week and to go see her coach Foul Bundy (the aforementioned man who had walked into the bar) at the skate shop across the street.

I tell this story because this was the night that changed my life.  Discovering roller derby and the friendships it fostered was a turning point to changing the priorities in my life and becoming a happier person.  Whatever you’re into: quilting, reading, taking pictures of your cat wearing funny hats, tattoos, kickball, dogs, full contact roller sports, find or start a group in your town and create a space in which to meet like-minded people who will want to eat ice cream with you and make it that much sweeter.

Until next time, stay EPIC!

<3 Amanda